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Joe T. Aykut

  • Producer, Musician
  • Programming
  • Guitars, Bass
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About Joe T. Aykut

At the age of 11 Joe started to play the guitar. He played in countless bands and even won the Augsburg Rock Award. Currently Joe is working as a much-sought session and studio musician. Up to now he has been engaged by Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees, the Gipsy Kings, Barbara Tucker and also house producer J.C.A. on Ibiza.

Unlike most other guitar players, Joe is an expert on the electric, as well as the acoustic guitar and has also specialized on oriental influences. His composing work includes trailers for Telecom ads, as well as for the Italian tv channel Rai and Mon Cheri commercials. The movie industry is also taking advantage of Joe`s composing talents, e.g. in the german movies Ein Leben (RTL), Kismet (Pro 7) and the Loveparade movie Be Angeled.

It is the two outstanding fusion guitarists George Benson and Mike Stern, who have profoundly influenced Joe`s playing. 'Their music is just awesome', says Joe.

What Joe loves best is to work at home in his own studio and give the finishing touch to his music on his own mac. At the moment he is busy completing his first solo album...